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Industry 4.0 (I 4.0)

- Consulting, Projects and I 4.0 Development,

- Architectures, Integration and Migration of Production and Logistics Systems Management Systems,

- DevOps Systems Development,

- DevOps Continuous Development and Operations Improvement.

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Modeling and Simulation

- Manufacturing Data Analytics (MDA) using Digital Twins modeling and simulation (M&S),

- Artificial Intelligence Computing (AI) distributed across Edge, Fog and Cloud Systems,

- Smart Contracts for Intelligent and Collaborative Automation of Processes, Logistics and e-Commerce Chains.

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Processes Optimization

- Rapid Evaluation of Opportunities on Processes Analysis and Optimization.

- Hands-on Agile Projects and Quick Budgeting.

- Strategic Technological Consulting.

- On-the-job Training and Support.

- Cloud Hosting and Domain Register.

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SaaS - Processes Management Apps

SaaS Industrial Management Apps, available in client costumizable instances for your business.

Enterprise Resposive Apps, available for the most current client platforms, making usage of IIoT and AI.

Agile Support, Development and Costumization.

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Customizable Enterprise Apps

Skilled and Experienced on Agile Developing for Processes Chain Management.

Cloud and On-premises Apps Development for different activities and industries.

Extensive client requisites definition based on Function Point Analysis, incorporating AI and Data Analytics, in an Intelligent and Colaborative Management System.

MaaS (Manufacturing-as-a-Service)

Integrable Apps - Customizable Systems

Production Uptime,

Quality, and


  • Uptime - Production and Intralogistics Resourses Management (ISA-95:2018)
  • Quality - Products and Raw Materials Quality Management (ISA-95:2018)
  • Traceability - Compliance and Environment (ISO 9001:2015)


Planned, and

Conditioned Maintenance

  • Predictive - Strategic Equipments Management (ISA-95:2018)
  • Planned - Resources Planning (ISA-95:2018)
  • Conditioned - Interventions Schedulling (ISA-95:2018)



and Security

  • Functional Safety - Consignements Management (IEC 61508 ed2.0)
  • Security - Inspections and Controls Management (ISO 9001:2015)

I 4.0 Migration

Customizable Systems

We develop architectures for Edge, Fog and Cloud Computing, and the software, Digital Twins, for implementation of the Uptime I4.0 management modules.

Digital Twins developed for processes in a plant convert them into Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), each managing its own process via its virtual representation and integrating and supporting human supervision.

Uptime Management Modules fitted with relevant Digital Twins change a plant into a Smart Factory (SF), orchestrating with AI and MDA the CPS and their Smart Products (SP).

The Smart Factory (SF) integrates its own Digital Twin in a module called Orchestractor (ORCH). A complete instance of SF allows Product Engeneering to answer quicker and more efficiently to requestes from market for new products or modifications on existing ones.

A Rapid Opportunity Assessment strategy used in our projects shows their improvement potencial and allows for an embracing proposal to be presented for the I4.0 Migration project.

Proposals include improvements in networking, communications, e-Business platforms, sensors and actuators, and the distributed MDA over Edge, Fog and Cloud Computing.

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Expertise in:

Manufacturing Systems Evaluation and optimization of process chains,

Design of Customized Production, Maintenance and Security Management Systems,

Module's Development for I4.0 Migration (Digital Twins for CPS and Smart Factory).

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